storageFollowing a disaster, it is common for there to be a need for reconstruction or restoration. It may also be necessary to remove the contents of the home/business in order to facilitate this process.

Our company can provide contents packing, general inventory, moving, and storage services to our climate controlled storage while reconstruction is under way. Upon completion of the restoration we will bring back all contents to the newly restored building.

Content Cleaning area with UltrasonicUsing a barcode system we inventory all contents being removed and provide a printed general inventory of these items on site before removal. A chain of custody report is available at any point during the process which will provide details on when any item was cleaned, deodorized and moved and the current location of that item. By packing and removing the contents quickly, restoration on the building can begin.....and finish quicker.

Copy of Ozone RoomCleaning and deodorizing are done in our content cleaning area. Contents are deodorized in the ozone room and then stored in the vaults in our climate controlled storage area.

Professional, efficient and convenient!