microwave fire

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning was happy to assist a local Worcester County hotel clean up after a fire damaged two of its long-term living suites. The fire began in the microwave of the kitchenette and quickly spread to the hallway and the room next door. Thick smoke and soot affected the structures and required specialty cleaning. Our team was on the scene to quickly assess the damage and determine a plan of action for the fire damage restoration. 

Sewage backup cleaning in an office building

sink backupA business in Framingham, MA suffered water damage from a sewage backup. The backup started in the first-floor bathroom and overflowed from the sink down into the storage area and offices below.  Our crews came to the rescue to resolve this stinky situation for the office workers. The property managers trusted the water damage experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to get them back in business fast.

21 0312 roof damageServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning Restores Water Damage from a Roof Leak

A Worcester area commercial property was faced with water damage from a hole in the roof. The building was home to a restaurant, offices, and a retail space. The restaurant's dining and bar areas were saturated with water and littered with debris from the ceiling collapse. The property managers trusted the water damage experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning to quickly get them back in business. Our project managers were onsite within an hour to start the water mitigation process.21 0312 waterdamage before

Crumbling drywallWater damage is an extremely common cause of property damage, second only to wind and hail. The Insurance Information Institute (iii) reports that 36% of property damage claims are caused by water and freeze damage. "About one in 50 insured homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage or freezing each year" (iii.org). You may not notice there is an issue until you see a dark brown stain on the ceiling. Unfortunately, the longer water sits unchecked, the more damage it can cause. This guide provides you with tips on how to find and prevent a water leak in your ceiling.

entry fire damageServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning restores fire damage in a Pawtucket, Rhode Island home.

The fire started in the finished basement and spread to the rest of the house. Significant fire damage affected the basement bedroom and living area, while heavy smoke damage covered the main level. The homeowner called the fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning who were on-site within the hour. Our crews got to work right away repairing the fire and smoke damage to help the family get back in their home quickly.

dishwasherMany of our customers call us to help mitigate the water damage from a leak in the kitchen. Kitchen water damage is often slow and happens over a long period of time. This is because the water leak tends to be out of sight, hidden behind large appliances. The leading cause of non-weather-related water damage is appliance plumbing failure according to Chubb Insurance. Hoses for dishwashers and refrigerator ice makers are usually made from thin plastic and easily broken. Routine maintenance is important but made more difficult due to the location. Water can travel through walls and floors down to areas below, adding to the damage. These challenges of detecting kitchen water damage do not mean hope is lost. Add these suggestions to your regular maintenance routine to help keep your kitchen free from water damage. 

21 0259 wet file cabinetPipe Break Causes Water Damage 

After a pipe broke in the office of a Massachusetts Town Hall, ServiceMaster Dynamic Cleaning was called in to help. The property manager trusted our team to get them back to business fast with minimal interruption. Our crews responded quickly to begin performing emergency water damage mitigation. The pipe break affected the offices on the main level and the basement conference room and storage below. The government janitorial workers removed some of the standing water and fallen ceiling debris, then we took care of the rest.